RAZOR MD® is a brand born from hard work and family tradition. 

My name is Scott Saltzman and my great grandfather arrived in America in the 1920s with a big dream – to build a business that would not only provide for his family but would serve the community as a whole.

After putting himself through pharmacy college, Peter Saltzman opened the first Saltzman Pharmacy, where three generations of my family worked and served. My own father expanded the business into Manhattan, opening two more pharmacies and bringing Saltzman service to an even wider audience. 

Growing up on the shop floor of Saltzman Pharmacies I learned a number of things, from how to ring up sales and make change to the importance of great customer service. As working immigrants my family were proud people who always wanted to present their best face to the world, and grooming was an important part of that – but the traditional barbershop shaves of the time were expensive and time consuming, leading the Saltzman team to a new mission – to create their own range of barber-grade shaving products that could be used to affordably bring home the barber shop shave.™

The roots of the RAZOR MD range lie in the basement of Saltzman Pharmacy, which became a make-shift lab where my family tested formulas, compounded ingredients and kept a running log of what they concocted until it was perfect. 

When CVS Corporation eventually acquired our family pharmacies, I discovered this handwritten log in the basement of our building and vowed to keep the family tradition alive, recreating those original formulas as the RAZOR MD range and working from my family pharmacy roots to provide modern men (and women!) with the prescription for the perfect look.™

Armed with determination and tons of samples, I set out to bring Razor MD to the masses, and word soon got around about the great results our products offer. Today RAZOR MD is a global brand for men’s shave, grooming and haircare, with our products now carried in over a dozen countries and counting. All RAZOR MD products are still made in the USA, and we pride ourselves on using many of the same all-natural ingredients that were included in those first family formulas, dreamed up in that Brooklyn drugstore basement. 

RAZOR MD products still benefit from the details my family thought were important back at the beginning, with added essential oils, no parabens, no harsh chemicals and no toxins, and we pride ourselves on our elements of hand-made craftsmanship. RAZOR MD is more than a business, more than a brand, it is my way of keeping my family history alive and honoring the generations that went before me, with great products that really make a difference in our customer’s lives. From our family to yours…..


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